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These terms may be amended at any given time. They are available through any device or platform (device being any internet accessible phone, tablet, computer etc) at any given time. They apply directly and indirectly to all pages of this website or affiliate sites under the Hotels Live Online brand. By continuing to use this site and our services, you therefore agree to these terms and condition.

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1 | The Service We Offer

The service we offer is the ability to book hand picked luxury hotels in world class destinations.

2 | Prices

Prices are set directly by the hotel. We offer no price match or best price guarantee. Occasionally (all be it unlikely), prices quoted on the website may differ slightly to the price found within the booking engine. This is through time delays of Hotels around the world updating our UK based marketing team.
Obvious errors and mistakes (including misprints) are not binding.
All special offers and promotions are marked as such.

3 | Privacy Policy

You may view our privacy policy by going to.

4 | Free Of Charge

Our service to the consumer (the consumer defined at the traveller or booking side of the party) is free of charge. Hotels Live Online generate revenue by charging a small fee to the luxury hotel in which you book. The prices you find on our website are not inflated due to this and will be the same or in the average price area to which they may be found on other websites or booking operators.

5 | Credit Card and Payment Details

Hotels Live Online request a copy of your payment details to forward in a safe manor to the hotel of your choice. Hotels Live Obline DO NOT store a copy of your payment details and take all due care possible when moving your details from one place to another.

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